I didn’t recognize this girl I had been sitting next to this semester without make up. I feel bad. Has this ever happened to someone?

I had been talking to this girl in class for the past couple of weeks since school started again. She is really pretty (maybe like a solid 8). Anyways, it’s a morning class and I guess she didn’t have time to put on makeup and she said hi to me and I said hi back awkwardly. She started talking to me and then I started catching on who she was. I was thinking to myself. Oh my goodness she looks so different without make up. Like another girl. She’s not that pretty without it to be honest. I feel like a jerk:/ it’s true though. She is ugly without it (maybe like a solid 4).
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  • It happens sometimes, it doesn't mean anything is wrong with wearing makeup. I personally love makeup, i dont look like a different person but I wear quite a bit when I do put it on. You aren't a jerk, you don't have to date her. Just don't say anything about the makeup.

  • It happens.


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