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Should I text less?

So I've been with my girlfriend for about 9 months now. She is really beautiful and I really love her so I'm trying my best to please her in every way possible. The only issue is, I don't want to seem needy. I watch a relationship coach on YouTube named coach Corey Wayne and he says that you don't want to give women too much of your time and be overly available. He says that women are attracted to men who don't have much time to give and are working all the time or focused on other things. And if the women really likes you, then she will chase you. And I've spoken to my sister about this as well and she said that girls like guys who don't text them as much. I have always kept a pretty healthy amount of conversation going each day and text her all the time. But maybe texting her tooo much isn't healthy? When I started school recently I started texting her less and she got mad at me and said " I feel like im chasing you and I told you I don't like to chase guys. I'm putting more into the relationship". So what should you do?
Should I text less?
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