Is he interested in me?

Been seeing this guy for about 2 months, we just started talking on social media, we had loads of mutual friends.

All our dates were amazing, we slept together on the 5th or 6th date as we had drank a lot.
Wasn't awkward or anything we had good chemistry. We hadn't even kissed or anything before hand as he was nervous too I think and the same with me.
see each other every weekend as he's in the army.
I never initiate dates, it's always him making them.

I stay over his, have met his family (kinda awkwardly but I don't think that matters)
We do things together we both enjoy.
He calls me endearing names, and talks to me everyday.

He always has a glint in his eye when he looks at me and always finds subtle little ways to touch me in public

Thing is he's made it quite clear in the past he was a player but he's not like that anymore.
He's told me he likes me but im not feeling it.

I have crap confidence and a blurred sense of reality when it comes to dating because of past relationships.
I want to tell him how I feel but I'm so scared of being tossed aside once he knows I do actually like him loads.

What should I do?


Most Helpful Guy

  • I think there is some interest, can we, or anyone know what exactly his interest is? No, only he knows.
    I would wait him out, or I advise you to wait him out until you come to the conclusion of either; I like him, or, he's still a player.

    • That's the thing I'm one of those people who hates waiting around for something to happen.

      I would much rather know soon so my time isn't wasted further and I can concentrate on myself

    • Then you'll have to find that out yourself somehow, whether you ask him straight up, or figure someone out that proves to you that he's either interested for good, or a waste of time.

    • Well he rang me yesterday after work, he wants to spend all weekend with me again

      So I think this is the perfect time to tell him
      Gonna do it subtly not full on

Most Helpful Girl

  • Risk telling him now. If he likes you back, shouldn't be an issue. If he freaks and runs then you know he wasn't serious and it's better to find out now than down the road 2 or 3 months when you're feeling are even stronger.

    • Your right

      I think I'm gonna tell him this weekend

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  • Look I can't tell you my opinion for granted but I have to tell you I am shocked. ... I am actually currently in an exact same position as you are , the only difference is that I am the guy of your story. I have to tell you that you should embrace him because if you don't sooner or later he will get bored chasing you as I do now with the girl. Best of luck to you

    • It's a massive risk to tell him that.

      It could just make things complicated when they are going so well

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    • Well all that worrying was for nothing
      He asked me to be his girlfriend

    • I told you so😊

  • Trust him. It seems like you can't trust your own gut when it comes to relationships so trust him and let go. It seems like he really does like you.

    • I've had a string of crap relationships so my gut doesn't always speak the truth

  • Everything looks fine, you don't have to do anything. You can mention that you'd like to live with him once he's back from his army unit. I think he should do all the romantic stuff by himself.

  • You should tell him.


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