I don't know what to do about meeting online boyfriend? Help?

Hi. Just need some quick advice on my situation... I met this amazing guy on twitter who I get along with really well. We have been on video chat for ages and I don't get any weird gut feelings about him. We are both desperate to meet each other and he only lives half an hour away. The only issue is my parents are strict and only my mum knows about us and she won't let us meet. I am thinking about meeting him at my local park and having my friend nearby so if I need to abort I can get her to ring me and tell me I need to go. I have had enough of being hidden from everything, I have no life ad my parents are so strict. Idkkk helpppppppppppp ask any questions you need to knowww.


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  • Meet in public place. Have friend nearby.

    Make sure the friend reminds you NOT to go too fast. Infatuation can be strong and should be what you need to be careful of. That is more dangerous.

    • Why would infatuation be a bad thing?

    • Infatuation makes you have bad judgement. Really bad judgement.

    • We will be happy to see each other but I'll remember to calm down.

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  • What about somewhere more public like a restaurant or maybe a shopping center?

    • Well I will have college so the timing will be awkward, I can't travel to a shopping centre.

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  • Sounds like a good plan.

  • Sounds like a good plan. Good luck. It also sounds like it's time for you to go away to college, or get a job and move in with your friend.

  • I would advise a more crowded place like a movie theater with friends or a restaurant

    • Don't really have the time or money

    • Make him pay lol. Plus you need to make time somewhere in order to meet

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