How to build sexual tension with her?

So, she's my best friend. She finds me attractive and always telling me how I'm such a wonderful person that she can not live without. And she's so comfortable with me and how she's always respected when she's with me. We're moving together in ten days.

Apparently, the only thing I haven't done yet, is building sexual tension.
How can I do that?
She's open to try dating me, she just wants us to move first. But I know that's not the main point.
I just need to create some sexual tension, knowing she's had hots for me and she loves me.


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  • Well a first thing you can do is if you are hugging her and you are near her neck, turn your head towards her neck. Don't do anything else.

    Another thing is if you are driving, place a hand on her thigh. Maybe half way between her knee and her body so it isn't innocent but it isn't an invasion on her.

    Something my boyfriend does that i love is when we are cuddling (if you can grt that far) is to put your dick (with clothing on) against her ass if you spoon. She'll feel it anyway but if she seems comfortable with it press a little harder amd leave it there.

    Then there's things like trying to kiss her after a date if you do start dating, but that's a whole different thing x

    • Thank you so much. I really really appreciate it. I'll definitely do that! Thank you!

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    • Thank you so much. I really really appreciate that!

    • Cause there are moments when she loosens up a little, but then she tightens up and becomes not touchy at all. She became weird that way. Fighting her instincts of wanting to be touching me. And she doesn't push me away at all when I touch her, but she says she doesn't want to hurt me since, of course, that sexual tension hasn't been created since I told her I actually have feelings for her

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  • Google kino escalation

    • Thank you!

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    • I just need to figure out how to apply it with her since she's been weird lately. Telling me all these wonderful things and treating me like a king, yet preventing physical contact lately. Other than a good night hug. Yet she doesn't allow a day to go by without seeing me no matter how busy she is. She's driving me crazy

    • Take it slowly

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  • Use your assets. What is the part of your body that you are the most proud of? Do you have a great chest, abs, arms, ass... maybe those delicious "v's" at your hips? Whatever it Is, show it. Find subtle ways to get her to stair at your body. We all "eye fuck". And if you catch her doing it, play it up even more. Like if she is staring at your chest, make a point of going shirtless. And when you do, make sure you give her plenty of opertunety to oggle and get close to her as well. Lean in or brush against her, give the signal that she can touch you if she wants too. Im really attracted to the physical touch, gets me every time.

    • Thank you. I know physical touch gets her too. She's just resisting it for some odd reason lately. She doesn't stop me, but she's not doing it lately, which in a regular case it's the green light to keep going. But well. She has 2 options: stop me, or keep going. Either way, things move. I'm just tired of waiting while she keeps complimenting me with all the cheap words of how much she admires and loves me and how she can't believe she met me and all that jazz. And yes, she does everything she can think of for me. Still doesn't mean anything if things don't escalate

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