Is this a sign of nervousness? And does he like me?

Please dont be like "duhh it's obvious" i seriously dont have a lot of experience with guys liking me. So even if my gut says yes my mind is always second guessing.

So my guyfriend everytime he talks to me he talks super fast and goes on and on about what ever he's talking about. Almost like he's hyper. I'm like, ok maybe thats just how he talks to eveyone so I observed him today. He was talking to our mutual lady friend and he was so calm and speaks at a normal pace. No going on and on like how he speaks to me. This means he's probably just nervous with me right?

Also he came over by my place today and he asked me how my work is going. I told him terrible, I looked at his face and he frowned. He walked over to me and started trying to make me feel better by making me laugh. It was kinda cute but then he started going on and on about what he was talking about. It's annoying sometimes when he goes on and on. Lol but i think he's just nervous. Do you think he likes me?


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  • He is nervous, I know I tend to talk really fast when I'm nervous. I'm sure he likes you :)

    Could you help with my question?

    • Sure send it over

    • Can't post a link yet due to my user level, but if you click on my profile and go to questions, you will find it. Thanks :)

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