I’m confused, I don’t know if I should over think this?

Ok so girl I like is good friends with a guy, so I asked her if she liked and she told me kinda of like last second in the sentence that she only likes him as a friend and that it’s. Now one of my friends like her (mainly because I like her, my friend is a asshole) and they are friends. I told her that he likes her and said that if he pulls something, she’s gonna tell him straight. The thing is she’s never told me that she only likes me as a friend (obviously she’ll do it) does that mean something? Or am I missing something


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  • Overthinking is never a good idea, that's why it is called OVER thinking. Why did you call your "friend" an asshole though? What makes you even consider them a friend?

    • It’s a long story bud

    • If you two are not really on good terms, the moral aspect or bros before hoes is out of the question.

    • He’s a child, he thinks where a lot better friends then we are. To much to go in detail but ya. He doesn’t realize how much of a piece of shit he is

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