I want to end things with him. Is this a good way to say it through a text?

hold on. before people say why can't you break up with him face to face, I want you all to know, he won't really care what I say because he already thinks I'm retarded. that I whine or think too much that I'm just a booty call to him. but I just want to tell him that its really over this time and that I'm done.

"Are you really still interested in me or just the benefits you are getting from me? Because I'm done with you using me. yes I like you but I got to look out for myself because obviously you don't give a damn about me. thanks for nothing but heartaches and please don't pretend to say you care because you are just lying to yourself. bye."


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  • if you really really really want to p*ss him off, then don't text him a thing, don't call him, don't acknowledge him at all. Ignore his calls and him, he will get the picture and I guarantee it will p*ss him off too. Writing that will jsut make him go "god, what a dumb bitch" and make it easy to move on, ditching him without giving any warning or reasoning will make him question himself.

    • Wow thanks. :) I did that already the cold distant mean treatment towards this asshole. he still comes and laughs about it to me. wtf. its me whos stupid who still lets him use me. omg I'm sooooooo mad at myself. :((

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    • We work together

    • You can still snub him...good luck, just be consistent.

  • I've been in your shoes- it's honestly pointless to send him that text. when I guy wants a booty call- he obviously doesn't care- why wast your time?

    are you thinking by doing such thing u'll get him to respond ? because he'll pull on your stings get you back. -

    my suggestion is delete him- all the contact..-

    I've really been there and done that--- ...

    • True true. I didn't send it and I'm not gonna. that's why I asked for opinions first before I wrote it. I'm just too miserable right now I let him use me.

    • I know how you feel..