What would you ideally like to do on a date with someone? Guy or a girl?

What activities is what i am asking.
Thank you.


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  • Well it depends if you're looking to emotionally connect with the person, get to know them better, or have fun, etc.

    For fun (& depending on the location) I'd say try new things like maybe learning how to snowboard, horseback ride, skydive. Or you may try out going to a shooting range, go karting, a bungee jumping place, laser tag, arcade, theme park/fair, concert, circus, etc.

    For a nice romantic date I'd say go to a nice fancy restaurant with good topics of conversation in mind, or even better, cook and have a nice dinner at home. Turn off or dim the lights and light up some candles and have some nice romantic music in the background (this may lead to some intimacy). I'd also suggest taking a walk at the beach, go stargazing, take a long roadtrip and go hiking in an area you've never explored, cuddling at home while binge watching movies or series, picnicking, taking a slow boat ride, etc.

    Other dating ideas include going out to the movies, shopping with each other (not all couple may enjoy doing this, but some do), playing a sport, rollerblading, taking a helicopter ride, visiting a museum, etc.

    I love having apps like Groupon, Eventbrite, and Living Social because they come in handy for date ideas and discounts. I suggest looking into those because you might have some places near you that you might not have ever thought of going to, but might then out really fun!

    Other ideas you can do with a partner (which might not be considered dates but turn out really fun) are: playing board games together, videogames, truth or dare, blogging, cooking/baking something new, massaging each other, couple yoga/exercising, arts/crafts, and so on. Be creative and have fun!

    Good luck with your dates :)

    • Thank you for writing this.

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    • i want to see one of them actually but i don’t want to seem awkward. Haha.

    • Reply back when you can please.😊

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