We're friends sort of, but he won't hang out?

I met a guy last semester, but we just started talking this year. I see him almost everyday and we talk for as long as we're around each other, non-stop. he has a girlfriend, which I respect, but he does seem to like me too. we haven't come close to anything romantic and I have no intentions of being a home wrecker, but I wouldn't mind being friends like we are now.

the thing is, I invited him out and he was dancing around the question. he was like ...ummm, when is it? what time is it? it's for what? blah, blah, blah...but he never said, sure, I'm down or gave me any confirmation. in fact, he looked uncomfortable. it's a party though, not a romantic getaway, and he made me feel like a creep for even asking. should I ask again to get an answer or should I drop it? maybe I'm over-analyzing...


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  • It doesn't sound like he was interested in going, so he asked you a bunch of questions to put up a wall. I think you should look into finding a new love interest because this fish isn't biting.