Girls, I try to be a good gentleman towards girls, why do I always keep finding the ones who only want to be friends?

So I'm a guy in his early 20s who values being a gentleman to try and win over girls. I'll try my best to make them feel special and generally put effort into people who show interest in me but tend to find out after a few months down the track that they only want to be my friends. I have gained a few really good friends this way and are now like sisters to me but I am disappointed that I can't really get a girl to take much more interest in me. I tend to do the best I can to put them first and generally get dragged along for months by girls who do the same to me as they complain about guys doing to them. Which is getting difficult and slightly depressing. Can someone tell me what I'm doing wrong here?


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  • I am going to be very honest with you- they used you. It's not anything you're doing "wrong", but a lot of it has to do with the attraction between the two people. Just because you're a gentleman doesn't mean you'll win her over. Every woman is different. But a lot of women like having the comfort of a respectable man that is around- so whenever they get lonely, or are in need of something- they have a man like you they can count on. You're a safety net for them. The key to you meeting the right one is to be patient, and know when to give that kindness you have to offer. Don't just hand it out to every chickidee that you meet.

  • Have you like tell them that you're interested in them?

    • Yup I do yell them and they either drag me along saying things like I'm not quite ready or things along those lines and show lots of interest in me then go distant then lots of interest till I finally have to full on get them talking about what they want then they say something and say they value my friendship and genuinely want to keep the friendship not like when girls say it just to get rid of you

    • Hmm. Well i think there's nothing wrong with you. Maybe they just not that "into you" . Tho i wish you'd find someone who'd give you same as what you give dem (;

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