I don't care who answers, but I need some advise?

This is going to be a long explanation so get ready. So half a year ago, I moved from the state. I had a girlfriend at the time and we decided to break up instead of attempting to make long distance work even though it was painful for both of us. But when things didn't work out with the move I came back. Ever since I've been back we started talking again. I found out she has a boyfriend. And I soon realized I am not over her. A bit of back story, we'd known each other for 5 years now and dated for almost a year before I moved. So it was pretty much traditional to always spend our birthdays together. So when she flaked on my birthday twice we got into an argument and it got out that I haven't moved on and neither has she and she doesn't like her current boyfriend. But the issue is I don't feel like we're fully back to normal yet and she's mentioned she's going through a lot. Plus, me being insecure, I don't even know if she was truthful about still liking me like that. I want to get back together but I'm not sure how to go about it. Thoughts?


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  • She already knows your feelings for her and you're a known quantity as a person. Give her some space to figure out what she wants to do. Don't pressure her and don't get her to cheat.


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