She's got me confused?

I’ve been talking to this girl for a couple of months and just the other day she told me she had a boyfriend but then she gave me her number and asked me if I was seeing anyone. I’m confused if she’s actually got a boyfriend or just seeing how’d I’d react to that cause maybe she likes me?


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  • Honestly, this is pretty confusing. Perhaps she is saying that because she recently broke up, and you are the rebound guy, in which case sever all ties with her. She doesn't respect you or your feelings if that is the case.

    She could also have a friend of hers that is single and wants to match her with you, although she should have lead with that when she asked if you were single.

    Those are the only reasonable explanations I can think of, but the only way to know for sure is to ask her why she is asking of you are single, if she is already in a relationship.

    • I'm not sure if she actually is in a relationship or just testing me to see how'd react, how much I like her. Cause I mean, if she was really in a relationship she wouldn't be asking if I'm seeing anyone cause she wouldn't care

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  • Hell no... disclose the secret of having boyfriend is in itself means a big NO..
    Just have a great sex with escort... forget everything ever happened in your life..
    Leave her she treats you as time wasting friend

  • Call her bluff ! Ask her straight up what's going on. If she has
    a boyfriend, walk away. Why waste time on someone who can't legitimately reciprocate? Losing proposition.

  • Good luck, man. I'd say avoid it. That sounds really sketchy.

  • Monkey branching bitch.


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