Girls, Is wrong for me to leave a date sitting at a restaurant with the bill and having to find a ride home over a single sneeze at dinner?


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  • That is fucked up

  • Yes? How childish

    • Why's that? Maybe I've been in a situation like that, probably with you too.

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    • Yeah. For you.

    • I offered to correct this fiasco, but you implied im too old. Fair enough. I don't know why I'm so strict or weird about sneezing. All I know it is something that kinda turned me on too all at the same time. Example in high school taking a test, it seemed cute to hear the girl struggling and stifling trying her best not too then let her guard down and it up disturbing the entire class! Lmao! Even at work now I go around sprinkling real fine pepper all over desks in hopes I hear one

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