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Are we boyfriend and girlfriend and I just don't know it?

So i hooked up with a guy and it was supposed to be a fling since we both weren't looking for something serious. But I thinks he's got attached. He texts me nearly every day and for the past few days he's been telling me that he wants to see me and that he loves my looks and my hair and he said my eyes were amazing. He also said that i give him relief when I'm around him. He also asks me every night in work if I'm going out that night and who's picking me up from work. When I did go out he texted me saying "you forgot me" and he start asking if I kissed any guys. He asks me if I'm sleeping with anyone else. He also sends me heart faces and I saw him yesterday and he start asking me if I missed him and why i missed him and he said that he missed me too. I was talking to guys and he admitted that he was jealous. He also said that he wanted to cuddle me. But he was looking at my messages and he saw messages between me and a male friend of mine and we were sending hearts and telling eachother that we miss eachother and he looked really upset and he start saying I lied to him but this guy is just a really close male friend. And I'm only sleeping with this guy but he's trying to act like my boyfriend! Has he fallen for me and why is he acting like my boyfriend? Are we boyfriend and girlfriend but I just don't know about it?
Are we boyfriend and girlfriend and I just don't know it?
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