What to do Valentine's day for a girl I just started seeing?

I've only been seeing this girl for a few weeks now. We met online so it's not like we were friends or anything before this. We've been on 2 dates and will see each other again on Thursday. Both dates went great and we text every day too. I'm really interested in this girl and I'm fairly certain she likes me a lot too but obviously we don't know each other well and I don't call her my girlfriend or anything like that.

Valentine's day is coming up soon. I know I'll see her at least once before then and hopefully more than that so those dates might change things.

But what should I do for Valentine's day? I would have liked to take her somewhere nice for dinner but between our schedules we don't even have time to see each other on Tuesday. Should I take her out another night and say it's for Valentine's day? The thing is I took her nice places anyways. Or should I get flowers or chocolate or something? Just don't want to go overboard and scare her or something lol


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  • Don't do anything overboard romantic, but rather consider the "apparent romance level" of the first two dates and shoot for a step or two above that.


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