Can't seem to find a man! Where am I going wrong (this is kinda long)?

i think I'm a decent looking female but I can't seem to find a bf?!

and every time I think a guys interested in me I'm wrong :(

there was this guy Micheal at first he said I was cute but then he wouldn't really text me head text my best friend, my friend asked him if he'd go to the mall with me he said I don't even tlk to her and that he didn't have my number saved in his phone...idk if its because I said offended him one day or because I was to shy to speak to him in person there was also Darius I got his number I would text him but after a few messages he'd never text back? this time its a new one he looks at me a lot but I can't tell if he's interested, he flirts with other girls when I'm around there's also another one I just can't tell if he's interested in me or my friend , because every time were both together or around him and his friends are staring and talking


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  • They don't want you! That's basically it! And text messages cost money, I would also stop when it would seem to cost too much, for some random girl I didn't care about.

    I have a question for you. For what purpose do you want a boyfriend so desperately?

    • I know they don't want me?

      because I'm in high school bored as f*** and want to have sum fun

      and have you hurd of free texting obv not

    • And they gave me there number which means they were interested at one point I wanna kno what I couldve dun to make the lose intrest

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  • Look guys like the hunt, you have to not be looking for one and they'll come after you. Sad but true. Just chill out, befriend guys, be yourself.

    Stop needing a man.