What to do when you've moved to fast forward?

I just feel like me and the guy I'm dating have moved too fast forward and there isn't really a ''chase'' anymore. He just has me. Doesn't really put any effort into it and just expects me to be there so he isn't as quick on his feet as in the beginning. I think you guys know what I mean.

A guy (some) puts more effort into a relationship in the beginning to woo her but then when he's gotten her that dies down. What can I do? Should I be more distant? Not answer him as often? Not see him as often?


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  • Yes, very familiar to that issue.

    The bad way is to distance from or reject or even break up with your guy.

    The proper way is to keep your relationships advancing. Good example "Sweetheart, who you think I am to you?" - "You're my love, sugar" - "Why is your sugar love wearing the same cloth for two weeks?" <--- add there tropical vacations, car, house, etc.

    You are to direct him to a self improvement and making you a proposal. If the guy is not improving (strange, but) it's partially your fault. You turn your relationship in a game, where you are a prize he's always to try to win. Then you're happy.

    Also check the classic novel regarding this


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  • Long term relationships are different from the courting phase. If you get distant, you are just manipulating him and making him wonder what he is doing wrong. Talk to him like a human instead of something that just gives you attention. Tell him how you feel. If he doesn't care, the relationship isn't worth the effort

  • Dragging out the courting phase is just dragging it out.

    Ultimately the long-term relationship works for you or doesn't. If its not working, try communicating what you need. If he isn't interested in providing it, move on.

  • Id say this. Give him something he desires but flaunt it infront of him. Often changes things.


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