Men what do you want in a girl?

What do guys find attractive in a girl every detail please


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  • I want a girl who melts my heart
    AND makes it flutter.
    A girl I can take to church
    AND to an S&M club on the same day.
    A girl I can bike across the continental divide with.
    A girl who understands both Star Wars and Shakespeare quotes.
    A girl I can make incredibly racist jokes around.
    A girl I can play GTA with 'till 3 in the morning.
    A girl who rubs my back and soothes my wounds and makes me feel like king of the jungle.
    A girl who feels safe with me.
    A girl I KNOW I'd take 1,000 bullets for, and the thought of her warms me and makes me happier than anything else, and when I hold her in my arms she fits perfectly, and I know that I've finally found my lost rib.
    I hope she has freckles, too.


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  • Smart, empathetic, attractive, clean, active.

    Very hard to find, but maybe that is because I don't meet many women these days.

  • Smart, not into makeup (or not to much ), a little "geek"( and if she like dark humor it's a bonus point)

  • OK, if we're just talking looks here... (I'm a pretty unusual guy, but this is me:) Starting from the top:

    Hair that's not too short; preferably curly and pulled back; any color (as long as it's natural).
    Hate too much makeup; none is better than too much.
    I love "naked" ears - which means no piercings. And I like to see the hair that naturally grows on the sides of the face, next to the ears.
    I like a turned-up nose, but that's not important.
    Of course, a pretty smile - nice teeth.
    Small to medium-sized breasts.
    I don't like dark-colored fingernail polish; prefer just clear.
    A butt that sticks out some, nicely shaped.
    Short legs (a short girl in general).

  • Loyalty, understanding, someone who listens, doesn’t cheat, puts in effort and appreciation towards me.
    To be caring and Loving for me.

  • Insatiable desire. For him. That is all. :)


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