What is going on with him? He's not writing?

Me and a guy have been dating for a long while.
And each time we had been with each other we would write to each other.
And I mean EVERYTIME, and we've been dating for 5 months.
If I had travelled over to his place then he would would write to me once I was on my way home like '' Thanks for the date, was really nice'' and vise versa if he's been here then I've written (it takes us both about an hour by train)
I was at his place today and it was a good date... and the day is almost over... literally only an hour left. He's been in on facebook.
Just feels off since this is a consistent pattern we've had.
Is he just starting to get lazy or would you think somethings off?
I will not be writing (for other personal reasons)


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  • Maybe something is going on at his place. Something that requires his attention.
    He could be too tired, feeling sick... So many things that could have him decide to skip writing this time. In those cases I wouldn't worry about it too much. You could support him emotionally if that would fit.
    The other option is that his feelings start to fade or you discussed some topic during the date that made him uncomfortable.
    Tommorow try figuring out how he feels, how his day\evening was. That will make things clear.
    Try to be nice and confident at first, like it is a certain thing you had a good date regardless of him not writing.

  • Are you really surprised? Nowadays dating and relationships have lost meaning. It sounds like you guys were just going through the motions... what was the point?

    Take a look at the relationships around you and you will see a very familiar pattern.


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