What would be a fun/original valentines day activity to do with your bf/gf (besides hotel room/dinner/movies)?


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  • Theme park.
    Shopping day.
    Cooking/baking together.
    Water fight.
    Surprise trip to the beach.
    Nerf war.
    Pampering day for the BOTH of you.
    Swapping each others clothes for the day (just a random suggestion, I don't know).
    Letting her do makeup if she knows how to use it.
    A day of board games.

    It all depends on the kind of girl you've got.

  • Make a dessert, "sex in a pan" it's a great way to get dirty and fun clean up! Yum!

  • Ice skating, adventure park, a trip in a place with nice landscapes, beauty centers (like the ones with saunas).

    Rather than having a dinner outside, prepare a romantic dinner for him/her.

    I do love the idea of the clothes-swapping from @Gamelover20, but than you both have to carry it out publicly, especially in the case of a s/o of a different gender 😂

    And yes, it all depends on the tastes of your bf/gf. Think at what he/she likes and you'll find the answer to your problem. The important thing is that you have fun 😀


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