Do I go for it?

I met this really cute guy last semester gotten so close and now we are best friends We always just joke around and do a lot together and friends say I should go for it and one day we'll get married and stuff I thought he didn't feel the same until one day was feeling really upset about some stuff and i go please come like i wanna talk to you and no one else he was like r u serious and i was like please so he calls me and he was like do u seriously need me to come over and i was on the verge of tears and was like please and he goes okay I’m comin I broke down and like he hugged me and he was like whats wrong and i was like everything like I’m so sorry I’m ruining ur night I’m sorryThen we sat down on some table next to each other on the top and he had his arms round me and would rub my waste up and down (from underneath ur boob to my hip) while his arm around me he was like its okay Then he got upset because he was like i knew u were sad this week and i should have done something and was like i hate seeing u so upset, kept on hugging me then we would joke around and then i would get upset and then he would hug me again and he just kept on giving me the best hugs and every time i would start up again he would hug my tighter and tighter and kept on pulling me closer and closer and wouldn’t let go and sat there for an hour with his arm around me with my head on his shoulders and even when i stopped crying he kept his arm around me and then he walked me back to my dorm and he hugged me (this was like the best hug i have ever had) when we pulled away his arms were still on my waste and my arms were still around his neck and i swear he was about to kiss me like i swear on my life. i moved his hands like down his chest and he held my hands by my waste and we were just looking at each other and then I said i should go and then as he was walking away he didn’t let go of my hand like u know when ur walking away from someone after holding hands and u wait until the last second
I don't want to lose him as a friend... IM scared if I go for it i will..


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  • I think being friends with him for longer will lead to a friend zone experience where either you lose feelings or he does, it seems like he likes you. No guy would hug you hours if they did not feel something, they would become nervous or will begin to feel funny and stop. He seems like a decent guy, some guys would try to do something. I would go for it. Ask him out or become more sexual with him (not as in sex) maybe kiss him or hug more intensely and see if he does it back. Then ask him out. It can be hard for the girl to make the first move but if you are really into this guy, I would. Hope this helps. ~ Jack.


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  • I call it the no go zone. The amount of times this has happened to me. But I didn't want to ruin what we had. It's your choice but if you know you have more feelings for him and you are sure about the Same feelings he has for you. Go for it but remember if it doesn't work out, your friendship will never be the Same.

  • Why not

    • Well he seems like he cares for u and the way I see it if he say no why would u lose him

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