Girls, Do I still have a chance?

I liked this girl who is a junior and I am a sophomore. She gave me all the signs of liking which a shy girl would.
-Eye contact
- Initiating conversations

However, I too am a shy guy and one day I texted her. Man, that text took a lot of courage! In response when I started the conversation I got.
Oh hi, did you need something?
I responded with, Haha, no. Whats up though?
No response! However, I never got that read sign you would on iPhone. This happened all at around 9 PM on a weekday. Plus this was the first time I ever texted her.

I am unsure what I should do. I only knew her for a month and I barely speak to her. Unfortunately, what scares me is that now her friends... the ones I don't know. Know me! Yikes :(

Do you think I can have a comeback or is it too late?
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Most Helpful Girl

  • I think you're being too hard on yourself and overthinking. Its a good thing she didn't read it. That means she didn't ignore you. Maybe she was busy. Just try to talk to her when you see her. Though, I think you should be prepared for rejection if you're seeking a relationship. All those signs you listed could easily just be her wanting a friendship too. But you never know.


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  • omg im a freshmen and i like this junior guy so i know how you feel!! you seem really sweet so just go for it! tell her how you feel. believe it or not girls like when guys are honest with their feelings, because we know how much courage that takes.


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