Did I scare this shy guy away or is he just being a shy guy?

Today I finally spoke to the guy I'm interested in at work. It's taken me months to figure out whether this guy was shy or stuck up or uninterested. For a while I thought he didn't even know I exist or that he hated me once he noticed me, but in recent months I've caught him staring at me, we've made eye contact, and he's been sitting near me where I usually sit at work ( we don't have assigned seats). I've also noticed him give a certain look to guys if they stare at me or talk to me, and he will try to look over but keeps himself from staring.
Today when I got to work, he was the only one sitting in that area, so I decided to sit next to him just because I like that seat and well, I wanted to sit next to him. Ten minutes after I got there, I heard him have a coughing fit. I stood up and looked at where he was and asked him if he was okay. He looked at me and said he was fine. A few minutes later I offered him a cough drop, and I told myself that if he wasn't interested in talking to me or if I was annoying to him, he would simply reject it. But to my surprise, he looked at it, smiled and took it and said thank you. A few minutes later while cleaning my area, I asked what his name was. He told me, then he asked for mine. I said nice to meet you, and then I simply sat down to work.
I did not bother him at all after that, as we had work to do. But I did notice him stand up several times and look at me. If I glanced up, he would look away like he always does. He stayed in that seat for a few hours, but when I came back from work, he was gone. I then saw him sitting in a different area.
Now, this would be no big deal at all to me if this guy was the type to simply sit everywhere. But he usually sits in this particular seat for the whole day. He rarely gets up and goes elsewhere. But the day I speak to him, he does this. I'm also not going to go up to him and ask why he moved.
So I would like to know, did I scare him away or he's not interested?


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  • scare away... no... but he maybe scared about the next move.


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