Is this normal or weird?

I cannot eat anything or drink anything that has chocolate in it. The baby doesn't agree with it and I have to throw up i was wondering if it's normal and I crave chocolate but it makes me sick so I'm kind of screwed.


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  • It's pretty normal to me.
    Like when my sister was expecting, she would crave mint, but the second she had something with mint in it she threw up.
    Sadly, because of that, she no longer likes anything with mint in it.

    • Ah that's bad i like my chocolate chip cookie or my fudge

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  • It’s very normal nothing to worry about. It sucks when you crave something that makes you sick I know

    • It does and I like my fudge and chocolate chips cookie

    • I had the strongest cravings for bananas and sometimes just the sight of one would make me sick. I even cried over it lol

    • Oh wow and I'm not there yet that much but I do cry mor e often then i normally do

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