How to do I get a girlfriend, without connection from friends or family?

Like you like her look but you don't know her from a friend.


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  • broski... BROSEPH... breh... i got you BRO

    here's the complete guide on picking up a girlfriend... dubbed the GUYBLE

    first you need to decide what type of guy you are... there's many but we'll just stick with the two most looked at though NOT actually the most common lol... anyways you guys romanatics and sexually driven... nothing wrong with either it's just a state/level of mind that are healthy in given circumstances...

    given the fact you said "girlfriend" im going to assume you are looking to feel a romantic void in your heart... or maybe you're a dumbass... ANYWAYS if you want a girlfriend what you need to do is first realize it will take work... you need to find the girl that suites you the most.. the girl that meets your needs whoms needs you also meet...
    if you need a lot of emotional support, or fun, or work, or cooperation, sex, free time, outdoors times, (the list goes on) you should strive to find someone that meeets that... TO DO THIS... all you have to do... is stop being shy or unconnected to the world and just literally go up to girls you get good vibes from... i say vibes because your body will notice from their body language if they are approachable or not... then you want to walk up and say hi... and then stop there... make sure you don't have a normal conversation... don't say how are you or some other superficial overly used bs that no one likes.. fuck the small talk mate... instead ask her real questions like "what makes you happy" "who is the most interesting person you ever met" "why?" "what do you do for fun?" "What go you into that" practice this and make it genuine... don't do it to do it.. and i also suggest you do this to guys you meet too... just become a person who's very easy to talk to... because through cool guys you can make a girlfriend... hopefully after meeting 1-10 girls... who are now your FRIENDS (not gf) you can now start thinking about whom you're most interested in and dating (dating meaning getting to know them not just smashing or movies for the sake of dating) get to know them and become a pair...

    On the flip side if by "girlfriend" you meant "i just want a girlfriend just because" or "i need something to fuck" then you're an idiot for writing that question that way but ill help you anyways...

    nothing wrong wit needing a fuck partner... and the best way to find one is just to spam ask many girls and use a bit of charm.. don't be a liar about it, be honest and straight up...

    hope this helps bro

  • hmm.. using social media.. like instagram..
    or go to the pub.. when you find a nice girl, buy her a drink... and talk...
    you have many various ways to find a girl


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