I am gonna break it off?

I just have really insecurity issues, I am overweight.. And I don't find myself pretty. He's a great guy. I mean I get jealous when he likes another girls photo on instagram.. when there's no harm to it. But I don't know how to tell him? Things are going great with us, but I know for a fact now that my self esteem issues is gonna get in the way of not feeling worthy of him.


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  • I've been there. 2 things I'd do:
    1, affirmations. 300 times a day saying: "I'm good enough"
    2, every time, before you see him, think about 3 things you're greatful for. And then remember that time when you felt powerful in your life. The world was yours!! Get into that state. Feel it and live it. Adopt the posture you had in that moment and the breathing pattern for 2 mins.

    • What makes you say you're not worthy of him?

    • I don't feel pretty, I have a weight issue.. that I try fixing but I always fail.. he liked a political picture on instagram of a girl wearing a shirt (fully clothed) but super hot.. and It just didn't settle right with me.. I don't wanna be that girl saying "you can't like other pictures" now I feel like he deserves someone prettier than me..

    • No. Please do the things I told you in the first message. That, literally, changed my life.
      I had a time when I felt completely worthless. And that got me back in one piece

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  • Ummmmmm fuck no girllllll if I knew u i would kick yo ass for saying this shit he wants to be with u for a damn reason okay u need to communicate with his ass

    • I know I know, but he doesn't deserve me. I don't wanna say anything cause it was just a couple of pictures. I honestly don't think I will ever be able to have a boyfriend.

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    • I can't do it, that's the thing. I don't deserve him.

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  • Stop. Guys dont make you their girlfriend for nothing. Society makes you think you aren't as pretty as those other girls. Beauty comes in all shapes shades and sizes. If you not happy with your weight work out and don't make yourself unhappy thinking about your size. Im sure he don't mind and only wants you and Thats why you are his woman. It's okay to be different.

  • Well there is harm in him liking girls photos. He could be cheating. He should only compliment you.

    • I really hope you are kidding right now.

    • im not trying to make you feel worse. But if a guy is dating a woman he needs to look at her. its the same way with women it really us not good.

  • Yeah go ahead do it do it do it 😂


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