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There's a girl at my school. I really like her, but we've never talked. I think she likes me too but I'm not sure. I know a little bit about her, but I don't thinks she knows anything about me. I am really shy and don't know how to start a conversation with her, and I don't want to talk to her when there's other people around. What can I do to start a conversation when I finally see her alone, and how do I tell her that I like her without making things awkward?


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  • Well 1. Don't make it awkward. 2. Don't do it abruptly. 3. Lean into it, meaning, don't go to fast, if she is in any of your classes, ask about hm wrk or a project to start a simple friendly convo. Then see what goes from there. If she seems interested in talking to you, you may have a chance.


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  • Dnt say straight that you like her, she will reject you, find common interests like sports or societies , get engaged into these things then start a conversation using these topics , make her comfortable then tell her you like her

  • Ask her if she like horses and I'm being serious you'll thank me later i guarantee you even if you ask for a date she'll say yes or a number.


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