Girls, Should I ask her out on a date?

So I met this girl in my class at the beginning of my semester. It’s been a few weeks and we’re really connecting. We think alike and have many things in common. I’ve been wanting to ask her out on a date, but I think I’m getting mix signals. When we text each other she calls me “dude” and responds in a way that says, “we’re just friends.” When we’re in person she laughs at all my jokes or when I’m just being silly, she comes back to campus to study with me. She invited me out the other week, we grabbed lunch, and had a great time. It just seems like she’s making an effort to hang out and I’m just wondering if she wants me to ask her out?


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  • ifshe invited you out then she's already made a move she's not waiting as she's done it but you can reciprocate.

    she seems to be comfortable so why not just keep hanging out?

    • I just want to clarify, so she's already made a move with the intention of going out with me? So it's up to me to make a move now. Or did you mean something else? To answer your question, I just don't want to wait to long and give off the message, "I just want to be friends." I really like her as a person.

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