If a guy handles a rejection respectfully, but on the inside feels sad or disappointed, is that juts as bad lashing out?

Based on what many girls write, I feel they want guys to feel bad if they feel bad about a rejection.


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  • if a beginner is getting rejected.
    we might think about it for sometime after being rejected.
    but if we are pro in getting rejected then after getting rejected we are like "MEH Whatever ! "
    but it is a little bit pain-ful if i am, being honest !


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  • Of course you're upset you've been rejected. I don't know any girls who wouldn't understand and respect that as long as you respect their rejection


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  • Possibly lack of maturity, e. g., not used to being rejected.

    • Oh I thought a negative feeling after being rejected is normal.

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    • Like it's seems odd to have no opinion about something.

    • It's not that you have no feeling, you just realize that it's not that big a deal. .

  • It's not just as had, you just got rejected from a relationship you wanted to start. It would be weird if you didn't feel bad.

    • The other guy said it's a lack a maturity though, if I feel bad it's not good I should be neutral no?

  • I mean no, it's not. Some women just want men to accept that they're dateless & loveless forever & don't understand the anxiety involved with having little to no options. I do think it is an empathetic blind spot for them that I admit can be disappointing to hear them talk about


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