Do they like me?

There are three guys that always talk about me. One day they were saying that they like my hair, they like my eyes, they like my face, they like the way I walk etc. everyday in class they always throw colored pencils at me cause they know that it gets on my nerves. But I like one of them so I don’t want to get mad, and they know I won’t. Today I went and asked if I could have a tan pencil and a black pencil. Two of them (one is white and one is black) said that I could have theirs. Meaning their d***. i just laughed and turned red. One of them is always looking at me, but he will look me up and down. The other two just act goofy and ask me stupid questions and stare at me. After class one of them said f*** you and being sarcastic I said when and where. He literally gave me his address and told me to be there at 7:00. I told I was joking and he stopped smiling. Another guy asked me to be his valentine but I said no cause I thought he was joking. And I knew he was. Do any of these guys like me? by the way I’m 14


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  • if they looking just at goods probally not. If they joke sexually no its all about sex.


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  • in my experience... girls are sometimes bad at telling when guys like them or not... in their defense they do get hit on a LOT but... assuming they do or don't is dumb...

    what's faster, asking us, or asking them?

    • Asking y’all

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    • good luck have fun.

    • Thanks I will

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