Does she feel for me like I do her?

Okay so I am seeing somone. I've known her for like 12 years. She was always dating somone. But she's single as a Pringle she don't want a boyfriend. But she wants to see where things go with us she tells me she wants my babies. And what not but. But when we hangout she's shy and. Don't seem interested in me at all. She as we speak talkes to guys on pof and flirts and goes on dates.. hangsout with them almost hooks up but. She says she don't. I don't know to believe her or not. She's lied a lot before for simple things. So please ladies I want help. Am I waisting my time or what?0Does she feel for me like i do her?


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  • I think you need to find a girl that's not always flirting with guys and knows what she wants I feel like she already knows you like her but doesn't want you to stop so she plays with your feeling's because some girl like that I don't know why I even did that once in my life but also maybe she does like you but just to shy to show it

    • Ur right on that part she knows darn well I'm in love with her I have since I met her in grade 9 in High school I've tried to get with her to many times. And 4 months ago we started talkin. Again and she always talks about guys she is Charing with on plenty. Of fish. I told her. How it is u either. Wanna be with me or. Them other guys I do t Wanna be played she's like I'm not playing with you. I really like you I wanna have ur babies but. Somthing is telling me she don't want me. I don't think she ever did.

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    • Well. I just texted her. We need to talk. She's like about.. im like us what do you want. Like I feel ur just using me for ur enjoyment. And don't have any freeli gs got me. its been an hr and she is ignoring me now

    • Dang had she responded back now or does she ignore you in person and over text to

  • your question needs to be a song lyric.


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