Guys or Girls, that are no longer scared of rejection, How many times do you get rejected before you get a date?

Doesn't have to be exact just a rough estimate. If you don't mind how many of those dates actual lead to something? This will help me because I'm very much a numbers guy and want to see if I'm above or below average rejections. I'm pretty sure I'm above but it would be nice to know for sure. Thanks in advance!


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  • The probability is P% where P = your awesomeness (in percents). If you're 100% awesome you'll never get rejected. And if you are 0% awesome (100% suck) you'll always get rejected.

    I was always around 50%.

    Boost your awesomeness up and you'll be successful


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  • There isn't an average number of rejections. I got a girlfriend on my first two attempts, missed my next two, the next two were online, the one after that asked me, and my current girlfriend of 8 months was from online again. Online dating is decent. Try match-.- com if you have trouble starting a conversation in person

  • Hard for me to say... I am for quality so im kinda of picky but once i find the girl she's already usually taken lol, or she's not interested. In the end more often then not.

  • I have 3 ex-GFs and 1 current girlfriend.
    I probably got rejected by more than 10 girls before...

    The odds aren't in my favor - until I met my girlfriend. LOL.


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