Most people in the world who surpass their mid-20's or reach their 30s and never had a relationship before, are almost always guys, men?

It is something I've noticed for the past couple years now, sometimes it makes me hate being born my gender, I don't think I've ever heard of a girl that that has reached 30 and never had a boyfriend before, but I can think of lots of guys like that who haven't had a girlfriend before, either men whine and complain and make their cases like this more visible and women are less vocal about it, or it's just a fact of life, and the reasons why don't surprise me
Thought I was going to get more answers than this but oh well I guess that's because I probably answered my own question
Valentine's Day coming up I'm guessing that's why it motivated me to ask this question, I guess that's why the results shouldn't be shocking with this question


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  • ya this is something that feels like a major injustice.


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  • Nah, I have a few friends that have never had a boyfriend before who are around my age. I think it all comes down to feeling shy or insecure around the opposite sex, not having a high self-esteem, and not generally being very social.

    • Yeah I find it more shocking to hear of a girl being single that long compared to a guy because girls don't have to be the initiators

  • If it takes two to tango... then does that mean that the among of women who's never been a relationship is pretty close to that?

    • Have you ever heard of a girl around 25 or older and never had a boyfriend before?

    • It wouldn't surprise me if the answer is no

    • I'VE MET SOME ON THIS SITE ALONE... that shit happens...

  • If they’d lower their standards and go for someone in their league then maybe they wouldn't be single 30+


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