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First post! SEND HELP?

I messed up, and now feel like my life is truly ruined..
I was dating this amazing person obviously its hard to describe her with a mere couple of sentences. But take it from me, she was in my mind nothing less than perfect!

We met twice before starting seeing one another casually hanging out together going on dates and such. Time passed and after 3 months i moved in with her, it made sense.. we practically sent ever day together..
We had both had/have depression in the past which takes it tole on both parties..
But i was sure to stick with her,
Shy of a year being with her i bought an engagement ring. I was ready to spend the rest of my life with this person, through every up and down we were together supporting each other to the best way we could..
But Unfortunatly a month after buying the ring, my mental health dropped. I didn't believe in myself or life anymore and believed as i said this perfect person could do so much better than me,
I broke up with her still owning the ring to this day..
We both went our separate paths, we both did things silly not in a way to anger the other but it seemed that we both lost a lot of respect for each other.. 6 months later and here we are.. we talk still as friends we both realise we have some small feelings towards one another and an attraction..
But she is currently seeing one of my old best friends.. im not going to ly in the fact I've tried to win her back but it seems that time has passes to much for me to change this? Although she has told me she doesn't have a future with him and also that i shouldn't give up hope for us getting back together as she couldnt physically tell me we wouldn't be..
So im at abit of an end.. what do i do? Do i stay feeling that one day might be a lucky day or do i try the other options of giving up hope and trying again..
Any advice.. please
First post! SEND HELP..?
First post! SEND HELP?
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