Girls, Is confidence and a willingness to take charge really what typically makes "bad boy" types so attractive? Or is that just the standard answer?

Yes, obviously looks matter a bit. But that's general attractiveness. I'm talking about the bare essence.


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  • I like a man who is very kind, compassionate, but who is strong minded, one who doesn't take any bs. He's protective of me, an others. Bad in the sense of he is a strong personality, he is respected, people know how they can an can't be with him.. he just commands respect cause they know he is real, an he won't stand for injustice, or any bs. A kind caring compassionate, strong minded man, a respected man, one who takes charge, leads, is what I consider a bad ass man. I think this is what most want... but they end up confusing it with an actually bad guy... they see them as strong an all I just described but they aren't... they're the wrong kind of bad ass to be dealing with.


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