Is it OK to date a friend's brother?

Here is the situation:

I've been friends with this guy for 4 years and his girlfriend for about 8

his older brother has been catching my attention lately

and it's not like he's a bad guy he doesn't party or anything

but the guy friend is telling me no no no absolutely not don't let anything happen between you two

the truth is if I never met my guy friend I would totally be with his brother right now

and my guy friend is taken anyways

my guy friends girl is encouraging it sort of, she encourages quietly as to not upset him

i want to keep my friendship with the guy friend

but I also want to see where the relationship with his brother could go

and I don't think it's fair he's telling me I can't date him?

it would be a new experience dating a guy who doesn't party at all

what is the right way to go about this?


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  • Of course, it's okay.


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