How do you typically look when you meet your date?

1. How do you typically look when you meet your date?

A. I wear my best clothes

B. I like to look good. I am showered, powdered, plucked and shaved

C. I dress ready for anything casual unless I want to impress the guy

D. I'm usually late and don't apologize for it, wear what I've had on all day, and rarely if ever bring anything but myself

E. I have my tazer ready

2."Men are wonderful." Do you agree?

A. Yes, but there is so much more to understanding them

B. Mostly always

C. Sometimes but not all the time

D. Only when bringing me stuff, 'cause I like to get gifts a lot

E. They're useful for sex, but that's it

3. When a man cancels a date with you,

A. I have to wait for him to call to get a date first

B. I get a lame excuse that isn't worthy of me

C. He says he is sorry and would like to make it another time

D. He fixes whatever is the problem because he'll never get a 2nd chance with me

E. He gets a job out of town, changes his name, and hopes I'll forget him

4. On my first date with a man, I,

A. Tell him about my father

B. Want to get to know all about him and his family

C. Let him ask all the questions he wants and then I'll decide if I want to tell him anything about myself

D. I just want to get a memento to remember the date, flowers, jewelry, his watch

E. He seems very worried and keeps an eye on my purse

5. I think men are

A. Like my father, the good ones anyways

B. Should be treated like the gods they think they are

C. Sometimes worthwhile

D. Good for sex and cutting the lawn

E. A necessary menace and definitely an inspiration of evil

6. I said something stupid to my date and he got very angry, I

A. Turned on the tears and promised to do better

B. Apologized and told him how much he reminded me of some big strong guy in a movie he likes

C. Think he shouldn't be so logical about things and consider my feelings first

D. Think he'll get over it but if he doesn't, I can just hike my skirt up a little more and get another date

E. Reminded him of my 5 big brothers and the one that was just released on parole

7. For Valentine's Day,

A. I get a card from Dad

B. I send a card to my boyfriend, but rarely receive one

C. I send a few cards but never receive one from someone that's marriage material

D. I get a lot of sugary cards but only send some if I think it will result in some presents

E. I get no cards and all men are to blame

8. I get dates

A. Through family and friends

B. Because I have a great smile and perfect hair

C. Because I look available and sometimes am

D. Without effort and I have the clothes that make it no effort at all

E. Because men like me but not all of my dates make it past the first drink

I Couldn't fit the hole test onto this page so if you can, go on my page...i asked the remaining questions in another question lol...hope that didn't confuse you...give me your answers here though!


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  • 1c? I usually wear gym strip cause it is comfortable


    3I've never gone on a date cause his family is christian and he isn't allowed till he is 18

    4 once again not applicable


    6a but I really would cry for real if my boyfriend got mad a me... we've never had a fight yet...


    8a? he was my boyfriend before I dated him... knew him from bible camp

    • ..well according to this terribly constructed test, you fall under: MS. NICE GIRL

      You poor thing. You are everything a man needs but not what he is attracted to. Men tend to use you and abuse you. Your sex life in non-existent. A relationship is always a temporary position for you. You can always find comfort with your friends.

      Some of that didn't apply to you...but hey, you fall into a good catagory! come bk to me when your abit older and abit more....experianced, and we'll redo :)

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    • My relationship isn't a tempory position for me I ve been dating my boyfriend for over 1 1/2 years and we are both quite serious about it. Men don't get to use or abuse me cause I would NEVER let someone I don't trust get close to me. I believe in waiting till marriage to have sex and not sure if I want it at all.. Also I am not a very nice person...

    • Lol hence why I said some don't apply to not a nice person...i swear you go bible classes....hahaha CHRISTIANS!!

      p.s. ooohh you wanna have DEFINATELY wanna have sex...just doesn't seem like that now....being a virgin and all.....

  • On the rare occasion I do go on a date I will wear skinny jeans/leggings, cute flats and a pretty top and wear my hair wavy and half up/half down. A little makeup but not too much.

    1. A/B

    2. C

    3. D

    4. B

    5. C/E

    6. B/C

    7. E lmao

    8. C


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