First kiss with a new guy. . .?

I'm going out with a guy I've known (& liked for several years). I've been single for two years, so I feel like I'm a little rusty in the dating department. . .We're going out to lunch today with my son and then to a party all day tomorrow. . .I am hoping he will kiss me, but I'm worried about how to pursue it.

How can I hint to him that I want a kiss? lol. (I feel like I'm in middle school, geez). & how can I know if he wants one too? & to what degree he likes me?


We went to lunch today and we had a great time. . .we wound up walking around at an outdoor mall near the restaurant and (thank God) my son behaved lol.

*we've known each other & each others' families for 5 years*

I got a hug:)


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  • I agree with the other guys. If he already agreed to hang out with you over two days he is very likely interested in you. Just try to stand or sit really close to him towards the end of the second day, make lots of eye contact, and see if he lets you stay in his personal bubble for awhile. If he does just make your move.

    • Thanks. . .it does make me feel better. . .there's an 8-year difference (he's older) between us, but it feels like a couple years. . .it isn't awkward. We spent time together walking around and he kept saying he wanted to call in sick to work for tonight. lol. He, unfortunately, can't call in, so. . .great advice! thank you!

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  • First of all, he's WAY more nervous about the kiss then you are most likely. He might not kiss just to be cautious and not push things with you.

    If you want a kiss, and you aren't sure he's gonna do it. Ask for it, Or just kiss him. It will take a load off his shoulders and I guarantee he will like and be appreciative of it. Easiest way is to just say "Kiss me"

    • He's 8 years older than me. . .are you sure he's nervous? lol. he is a little timid, but I will def just go for it if I get the chance or if he doesn't. Thanks so much!

  • Oh don't worry about it. Like digital haze said he's going to be nervous too. At the end of the night just plant one on him.


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