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I want another shot at dating him, do you think I have one?

Basically I met this guy in October close to Halloween we met at a bar crawl.
He approached me and asked for my phone number, he's in school and plays basketball and I am currently starting a new job on an ICU floor and doing prereqs for Nursing. Before basketball season started for him we would talk all the time like the conversations would be nice and he'd always complement me and tell me how he couldn't believe that he got my number so I knew he liked me, well when he got busy everything changed & he would tell me that he's just super busy and that this is why he's single because when he gets into basketball season he like withdrawals from girls not purposely but yeah, anyways unfortuanetly I took it Personally still and because I have been played before and it just really made me think thats what he was doing and I ended up becoming naggy & complaining a bunch and he just the beginning of this week ended up saying that he thinks "it'll be better if were just friends for right now" his exact words. Did I completely fuck everything up or should I just give us both some time to breath and in a couple of months try to see if he wants to give it another shot? We had a nice vibe and he said I always made him laugh & we like spent a night together just binge watching shows from Netflix no sex and he said he had a nice time. I just really am upset with myself and I would love to try again with him but should I later of course once basketball season is over and just to give us a break?
I want another shot at dating him, do you think I have one?
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