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Does my ex girlfriend still have feelings, or just trying to hurt me?

Long story but I could really use the help. She broke up with me a little over a month ago. Or relationship was unreal and amazing until the last couple weeks, the break up was abrupt, she told me she felt like the version of me she met wasn’t here anymore, I did my share of chasing and acting needy. Then completely stopped. When we broke up I think she felt so hurt and neglected that she had to try and hate me to move on, well honestly I didn’t deserve that reaction from her. I was nothing but the best I could be for her, since then. She’s made an effort to show her face at my gym, every night the same time I go. Even when we were together she wouldn’t come with me or even go, rarely. Now it’s every day. I don’t seek her attention out, but I’ve stayed approachable and acted mature and smiled and nodded. And if she came to talk to me. Was nice and kept it short. The last week has been so confusing, Saturday night. She left brownies at my door, with a note saying Happy Valentine’s Day. She didn’t put my or her name on it. But comparing notes I got from her in the past trying to figure out if it was her, it 100% was from her. I confronted her at the gym 2 days ago about it, she denied it was her. Weird right? Why deny it. Then I texted her and said we had to talk, and I was sick of the tension. She told me she would call me on her way home, we talked on the phone for like an hour and a half. In my opinion that’s long, and a good thing right? I want her back, but I went into this phone call, completely nutural, and as apologetic and empathetic as possible. I am so happy with how I handled it, I was transparent and myself and got everything out I needed to say. She cried on the phone with me, I don't know if that means anything or she was just upset. But the phone call didn’t get us back together, but it also didn’t close the door on us. I feel like I keep being myself and stay approachable. But I don't know if she’ll make efforts again. I’d love her back please help I don't know what to do
Does my ex girlfriend still have feelings, or just trying to hurt me?
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