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What should I believe? My family or the internet?

I'm 20 I've only ever kissed and held 1 girl. In general I'm a pretty outgoing person and never really have too much trouble talking to people. I really want to share my life with someone eventually but I have some major concerns after searching through the internet on what women want. I come from a short family and basically every dude is 5'5-5'6 and married. I'd say I'm relatively attractive in the face but my height is no bueno. All these dudes on reddit are claiming they have no hope for marriage/relationships because of their height. This got me pretty depressed and worried about my future. I've never really thrown myself into dating as I commute to school and rarely use tinder. In all I don't know girls opinion of me other than I've been on a couple dates but nothing has ever gotten past a week (mostly my fault because i was nervous). I think the main problem is not my height as I've had a couple dates but more so the fact I commute to school and barely know any girls. Maybe I'm delusional and need to believe the internet on this and ignore what my family says? I just can't imagine the point of becoming successful if I can't share it with someone else.
What should I believe? My family or the internet?
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