Why hasn't he kissed me?

Went out on 2 dates... Had sleep overs both times (We live about a hour from each other) and nothing happened we did not have sex, kiss we purely just cuddled. In the morning we cuddled some more and talked and we email daily... Make plans for the future, but why hasn't he kissed me? Am I in the friend zone? This usually never happens to me that a guy has not tried kissing me on the first or now second date... So I'm a little confused. Please let me know what you think.


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  • It sounds to me as if your guy was willing to spend the night twice, email you every day, cuddle for hours (especially that), and then make plans for the future, you're definitely not in the "friend zone".

    It's possible that this guy is very into you and in turn over-sensitive about respecting your comfort level. Have you given him any obvious signals that you want him to kiss you? If not, it might be worth a try...

    Maybe all he thinks about is kissing you, but is too nervous to make the first move!

    • That makes sense, but he says I'm a cool chick to chill with... That makes me wonder if just as a friend. But thank you so much for your advise... maybe next time I'll make myself more "kissable" hahahaha

    • No problem! And hey, even if you make the first move and it doesn't work, you just know that much earlier instead of beating around the bush right?

    • Couldn't agree more :) Thanks for the help again :)

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  • he a punk if it was me I swear I coul have tre tht arse apart


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  • Yes, that does not add up for me either. Hard to say what is going on other than the facts, you are not getting kissed. At this point you can decide how long you are willing to date someone who isn't kissing you. I mean, if you like him, why not let it go a little longer. Or, you could choose to be the one to kiss him and see how that goes. But, overall, when a guy has the opportunity to kiss you and even have sex with you, but doesn't, it may mean that nothing much will come of this. He could either be gay and trying to ignore this reality by dating a girl, or (happened to me) a guy was super in-experienced in sex overall and the kissing suffered as well (and he was 30). This never turned around. He just ended up being a wreck in the bedroom even after 4 months of trying to help him along.

    • The thought of him being gay did cross my mind because he is very good looking, clean cut and his place is always spotless (twice I've been there) and he even steam cleaned his carpets when I did not thought they needed it... I'm just gonna go give him the benefit of the doubt and hope he's not gay. And sorry you put in 4months into something that didn't work out. At least you gave it a try :)

    • Exactly, I gave it a try and I think it was worth it even if it did not work out. Good luck.