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In need of Men's opinion?

Im hella confused, guys, help
I started hooking up with a guy like a week ago and we agreed on being friends with benefits , we only kissed he's dazzling and all but when he said he wants us to be friends with benefits i restricted my feelings towards him, now i find him posting on ever social media that he's in a relationship i didn't react, comment or even ask him , cuz i totally consider him as a friend , but yes when im about to see him my legs shake and i be nervous but when im with him i feel so fine so I don't know what should i do about the relationship, i agreed on being like that cuz i dont go well with relationships i mostly get hurt more and get the need to end it but then again they end it first cuz of how i react , i was known as the Snow Queen for like 6 years when i was under 18 , so whats he thinking abt?
Does he want us to date like that?
In need of Men's opinion?
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