Who would you choose?

Who would you choose:

Assuming you had feeling for all of them, and they all had feelings for you...

Guy 1:

He and I have the most history together, like, a LOT.

He has a low sex drive, but he is very handsome.

He is very reliable and has a strong work ethic.

He wants to start a family with me.

He puts me on the back-burner a lot, but would do absolutely anything if I needed him.

Guy 2:

He and I have quite a bit of history.

He has a high sex drive, he's amazing in bed, and he's gorgeous.

He is very unreliable and flighty and doesn't always have a job.

He already has a son, but wants another kid.

He makes me feel like the only person in a room when I'm with him, but he isn't always there when I need him.

Guy 3:

He and I have the least history.

He has a high sex drive but isn't very attractive.

He has a great work ethic, to the point of being a work-a-holic.

He wants a family, but much further down the road.

He bends over backwards for me all the time.


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  • Personally, I'd say #1. It sounds like you're simply infatuated with #2, and you can already recognize his character flaws. #3 sounds like a he'll eventually be put into the friend zone.


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  • Guy #1. I mean Guy 2 is good for the moment, but not in the long run. Guy 3, I wouldn't like the work-a-holic thing, and I mean I need a guy that I'm attracted to. Physical attraction is also a part of relationships. Guy 1, the low sex drive, I guess I would work with, I mean, mine isn't the highest, but as long as there is some kind of sex, I'm good. He seems like the guy that puts you first, but has so many other things he wants to take care of too(caring for things and having (hopefully)good morals is a plus). He isn't too worried about you leaving him(confidence...sexy!), he wants a future with you. He has a strong work ethic, he will be able to take care of you if he needs to. History is good, but I wouldn't pick a person strictly on that. I mean, with just me, it seems like Guy 1 would be a good match for me.

  • Sounds somewhat that me little over a year ago! I was suck between two guys. Honestly, and I could be wrong I say none, because they are just an option you would want to be more then just an option. I believe would know what one you would want to be with, honestly we can’t really tell you what one is best you for, only what one may sound the best, in reality there is a lot more to a person and a relationship then what you sated

  • 3 - no kids, has a decent sex drive, and puts you first. :0)

  • Guy 3 would be the right guy for me

    I don't want guy 1 because I refuse to be on the back burner. I should come first to a guy

    And guy 2 because he already has a son and that's not for me

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