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Move on or wait?

I've been crushing on a guy for 5 months, but he has a girlfriend. They started dating when we met, so not that long. Their relationship is not really going good and I smell a breakup. He is also aware of it and all our friends think the same. Because his girlfriend is not a good girlfriend, she already cheated on him once. I've been kind of losing interest in him because I'm not the type to wait around, and because I can't be sure that they will breakup. And even if they do, there's no guarantee he will want to be with me (even tho he told me once that if he didn't have a girlfriend I wouldn't be the one). Anyways, I met a guy a week ago. And I'm interested in him. He asked me out and we're going on a date today. I'm excited and happy, but I still hold some feelings for a first guy. Should I move on and date the new guy? I could probably fall in love with him, and once it happens there's no turning back to the first guy. Or should I wait a little longer until the first breaks up with his girlfriend?
Move on or wait?
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