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Do you think my friend likes me?

She's 15, kind of shy, and we've known each other for almost two years now. She's been my best friend, but here are some things that I've begun to pick up on in the last couple of times I've seen her:

1. Occasionally, she'll give me a small compliment from seemingly out of nowhere. For instance, the other day, while we were walking, she said that "she likes my shoes" (but I've worn them in front of her 10+ times as I've had them since August 2017).

2. I found out that she kept my number I gave her 4 months ago in the back of her iPod (she doesn't own a cell phone). Not much, but it's something.

3. Every time I give her a compliment, such as "You're an amazing artist!" (best I've ever seen), or, after she said that she'd rather wear contacts than glasses, "Honestly, you look great in glasses.", she would kind of turn a little bashful, flash a smile, give me a "thanks", and turn away sort of shyly.

4. Although I sort of see this with her female friends in our friend group, I don't see it even half to the extent that I do when it's just us, so I'll add it anyways. Every time I try to make a joke, no matter how lame, it's followed by anything from a small giggle and a smile, to a bigger giggle and a smile, to full laughing.

5. She doesn't like to be touched by (or touch) people she isn't comfortable with, and has gone out of her way to include me in her personal space multiple times. From a random hug, to a hug given in response to a gift (we've only recently started hugging, but we still give frontal hugs), to poking me with a pen for no reason other than messing with me, to writing on my hand, etc.

6. When I got introduced to her dad and family, they seemed like they'd already heard things about me, despite the only interaction we'd ever had prior being a brief chat over the phone. Also, her dad walked up to ME to introduce himself, not the other way around lol.

So, what do you think from what I've said? That is, if anything can be determined.
Do you think my friend likes me?
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