First date gift idea?

Is there an etiquette for girls getting guys a first date gift?

I wouldn't normally consider this; however, I just learned that the guy that I'm going on a first date with soon has an upcoming birthday.

I was just going to make something small, something that acknowledges his birthday and reminds him of the date once we part ways. I was thinking about making a card and a small photo mat or brag book or something (I'm really crafty and he's into photography).

Any thoughts/opinions about this? Is it too much?


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  • If its a first date maybe if you get something cute not to expensive maybe like an ice cream or something its a bit much if go all out and get something really expensive, maybe get to know him better see how things go.

    • Thanks for answering my question!

      I couldn't get him anything expensive even if I wanted to (I'm low on money). So I'm just going to make something cute and crafty.

What Girls Said 1

  • give him anything you want :) it's the thought that counts and he'll love it I'm sure of it.

    I would just give him a hug and treat him for a meal, LOL yep ...

    well since you're creative.. create that photo mat or watever hehe but I wouldn't give him a card..

    reason because, it's outdated but you can if you want :) it's just easier to say it like 'happy birthday'! then give your creation

    • Thanks for answering my question!

      Oh, I was going to make a pop-up card instead of just buying one. Why do you think giving cards is outdated, may I ask?

      And, I can't cook for him for this date becuse he is cooking a suprise dinner for me. :)

    • One time when it was my friends birthday and I got him a gift I forgot a card and my father just told me that it wasn't a big deal and that you can say it anyway.. they still get the idea you care for them.

      plus it costs ha ha and some people don't even keep them. But nothing wrong with a card so to speak.

    • Thats sweet that he's cooking dinner! :)

      well.. if you want to make a pop up card go for it ahaha

      I think it's kinda cute actually, he will know you've been making been making effort and yea he could be touched by your efforts

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