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Dating the man I slept with while he had a girlfriend?

Ok this is a bit weird. Last week i slept with a good friend of mine, even though he has a girlfriend. We started practicing sports together back in March. This summer he talked to me more and more, to the point that in November we started talking every single day on Whatsapp.

Then last week he told me to come over to party. We had too much to drink and I had to stay over at his place. We started kissing, i asked him if he was sure to do this and he said 'i dont know' but got on with the thing and yada yada we slept together.

Now, i am really emotionally involved with him. It hurts me to be in this situation for several reasons: 1) I feel like a slut, 2) I feel bad for him and his girlfriend, 3) I want him to leave her and come with me. We talked togtehr about it and he really doesn't know what to do. His couple isn't in a great position, and he said it's the reason why it happened.

I am just waiting for him to take a decision now... The thing is, even if he decides to leave her and date me, is it safe? what are the chances of him sleeping with someone else while dating me? i dont wanna get more hurt than i already am.

PS: I really DO feel bad for the girl, no need to slut-shame me... I know it's bad, but we both were aware of what was happening.
Dating the man I slept with while he had a girlfriend?
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