I seriously hate myself

I truly feel like I'm not worthy of anyone's love and that I'll never find anyone. I'm in my early twenties and I still haven't been in a relationship or even a date. I feel like literally everyone in the world HATES me. I also feel like every attractive girl is completely repulsed by me. I feel inferior to everyone. sometimes I feel like killing myself because I feel I'm really that repulsive and useless. I feel very alone and alienated, like I just don't belong in society, like I don't deserved to be loved or cared about.


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  • I gotta be straight with you. the only reason you feel this way is because you are "looking for love in all the wrong places". that means you are looking to other people, situations, and things to make you feel good about yourself and your life and that can NEVER happen for anyone. You are the only one who can stop hating yourself and give yourself confidence. No pill, potion, doctor, therapist, girl, date, money, or job, can do it for you. As long as you keep thinking that no one likes you and you suck, you will feel crappier. the minute you decide to look at yourself as a great person that other people would be lucky to be with, you start turning your life around and getting better.


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  • Everyone deserves to be loved and cared about! If I knew you and knew you were feeling this way I'd give you a biggggg hug!

    But since I don't, I hope you can settle with a computer one *HUGSS!*

    You just have to have a certain confidence with girls. If you can't love yourself, how can we expect that you'll love us too, ya know?

    Hope I helped :D

  • Of course you deserved to be loved! The only problem is for some terrible reason it sounds like you don't love yourself :-( It may seem like a difficult task...but you can do it. You may need counseling for help to learn how. Know that you are worthy of love and are loved!



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  • Wow, my friend, there is too much negativity! All you need is a little work on yourself!

    You need to understand what it means to be the attractive guy. One of the major goals of your life is to develop a naturally attractive personality.

    In order to do this, you have to understand what women want from a guy. In other words, you have to act in a high status manner every time you meet a new girl!

    So how do you know when you’re acting like a real man? The majority of these guys have the same handful of personality traits. By understanding and implementing these traits, you’ll create an attitude that almost all women love!

    Here are some of these traits:

    - Be Challenging - When you meet a woman, you want to be the challenge! While you’re leading the interaction and doing most of the talking, you want to subtly let her know that you can walk away at any given moment.

    - Have an Identity - Having an identity is about truly understanding who you are! It’s about knowing what you want in life and constantly move towards it.

    - Be the Fun Guy - As you know, a woman is an emotional creature. When she meets a guy, she enjoys that tingly feeling of sexual tension. The guy who can engage the emotional side of her brain is the one she’ll be attracted to.

    And these are only 3 things that can help you to improve your game. If you want some more tips, check out link , it worked for me.

    Good luck!

  • Is all in your head. You see what you wanna see. Guess what? Emotions are contagious. The way you think right now is being sub communicated to people you talk to in so many ways.

    If you start to love life and start to be happy and a confident guy, your gonna sub communicate that with people you talk to. Right now, your seeking validation from people to make you happy but your not getting any. The funny thing is, you don't need validation from people. All it takes be happy is you.

    Watch, try this out. Go out and just feel happy and confident for no reason and talk to girls and even guys. They will freaking love you. This is not a overnight fix but you can slowly get there.

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